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Sydney Voice Clinic is recognised as one of Australia’s premier voice clinics. As Australia’s first established integrated voice clinic, Professor Havas’ partnerships with audiologists and speech pathologists have been highly valuable. He has pioneered advancements that have been adopted across the world for the diagnosis and treatment of the full range of voice problems. Sydney Voice clinic is one of the few clinics utilising the latest video endoscopic , electrophysiologic diagnostic techniques – each patient receives a video of their upper aerodigestive tract – this file serves as a transportable permanent record of health.

Are you a singer, a teacher, a lawyer or other type of professional voice user? If so, you may need the special care from Sydney Voice Clinic. Call 02 9387 7360 today and book an appointment with Prof. Havas!


Why We Can Offer the Best Standards of Care

Our Training at Sydney Voice Clinic

Our Training

  • International fellowship training
  • Forefront of clinical academic research
  • Proven technical versatility
  • Outstanding clinical and surgical results

Our Training at Sydney Voice Clinic


  • Established 25 years ago
  • The first integrated Voice Clinic in Australia
  • The first to adopt endoscopic diagnostic techniques
  • Prof. Thomas Havas has performed thousands of cases.
  • Proven Record of innovation/instrument/operation design

Our Training at Sydney Voice Clinic

Commitment to Excellence

  • Large experience with elite actors/singers/performers/voice users
  • Absolute discretion guaranteed
  • Get the best results available from the “best” and most experienced Otolaryngologist in Australia

Prof. Thomas Havas

Professor Havas is one of Australia’s most highly trained and extensively published Ear, Nose and Throat surgeons.

More About Prof. Havas


Jocelyn Priestley

In 1988, Together with Professor Havas, Jocelyn Priestley started the first private Voice Clinic in Australia, which pioneered speech pathologist and otolaryngologist working conjointly for the assessment and treatment of voice disorders using video-stroboscopy.

More About Jocelyn Priestley


Our Sydney Voice Clinic covers:

  • Loss of Voice
  • Change in Voice
  • Voice Fatigue
  • Difficulty Swallowing
  • Vocal Nodules
  • Vocal Polyps
  • Silent Reflux
  • Reflux related Pharyngeal Laryngitis
  • Laryngeal Laser Surgery

Sydney Voice Clinic Address:

506/1 Newland Street,
Bondi Junction NSW 2022

Phone: 02 9387 7360